VK V8 swap

This is the current look under the hood

Most current string of mods include putting the titan V8 into the frontier. motors in and running well, dealing with a cooling issue offroad. video to follow.


current setup up front.

Currently the truck is on an extended OEM travel setup on the front, and shackles in the rear. the front extended arms, axles, steering, brake lines gives the truck a wider stance and smoother travel through the rough stuff.

look for changes in this area in 2020.


trutrac installed

the rear is a Dana 44 with a Helical LSD carrier. front is a titan M205 aluminum housing open differential. 

current 2020 plans include a wider rear axle with same carrier, and a front air locker. as well as potentially an added handbrake for the rear. will detail in video.



Remaining relatively stock on the inside. i have added a head unit that supports a front and rear camera, yet to install. and a  rear storage bin i built and removed the jumper seat behind driver.

Safety and Recovery


This is an area where I have always had zero to little thought. i have always had straps and super minor tools but nothing as far as health, fire extinguishers, actual good recovery gear. video to follow



I have some led fogs up frontier as well as an led bar, rear are led reverse. nothing crazy I don't trail drive at night unless its a recovery situation normally. 


How it began


I had a spare transmission from my engine swap so i scooped this 07 4wd xterra up for 1500$ and swapped the transmission out. 

Yank that tranny


I've always viewed working on vehicles as something that soothes and comforts me, I normally don't shoot for quickest time completed. I just like the work.

Cutting holes and using our feet


The biggest hurdle I had to get over was actually lowering the transmission as a one man band. the trans jack saved me for sure. 

Old and busted


The guy I bought it from had heard of cross contamination, and had the radiator replaced. the trans still took a poop. 

Wooooh its on the road


Managed to get it up and running with one issue. 4wd is extremely hit or miss, still need to do some troubleshooting but i think its down to a connection in the harness.

It hauls wolves


ok so truth be told we dont need the Xterra, but it hauls these two puperonis no problem. Future plans including a back comfy area for the pups and minor fun upgrades.

Titan Trailer-Abandoned

I wanted an engine and transmission


My buddy wrecked it into a ditch and snapped a spindle and dented the front bumper in and INS totaled it. Asked if i wanted it and obviously I couldn't pass it up. 

What to do with it?


after lazily parting it out for nearly 6 months I gave up and yanked the cab off to get it out of the way.

Cut the Front off


before I could even get into the design of how i wanted it to be i needed to remove the front. 



i decided on having a front platform and planning on running a spare fuel tank and water tank on the underbelly. i have rough marked my cuts. 

Hitch coupler


i decided on running a heavy duty hitch like they use in large commercial applications. I didn't want one of those free bending hitched that let the trailer move around wildly. for a few reasons ill detail in a video once the trailer is complete. 

in the end i just couldnt fit


I decided to sell the bed and pull the axle and suspension to run on my frontier. what made my choice was not being able lay down in the short bed comfortably. making me still tent camp in some way and defeating the purpose for me. im looking for an extended cab bed to run or a whole new wrecked or blown up titan to try again