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Reading sucks, so we are making some videos to pass your boredom and ours.

Frontier Build

I have a 2005 Frontier i have been tinkering with for around 6 years. its a mildish setup but wanting to make it into an offroad spork capable of doing everything i want


Really working on getting quality content on here for your and my entertainment. 

Project Preview



Currently the little sucker overheats off-road when i beat on it. after the engine swap I've now had it on a clutch fan with electric and now going to two electric fans and cutting the hood and see whats what after that.  


Titan trailer-sold bed

have to start this over at a later date. i couldnt lay down in the bed making me still need to tent camp in some way. and i needed the rear suspension and axle.


Xterra Daily

This gem was a fun project to get up and running. Now that its up and running i need to clean it up a little more and fix its little issues. 

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